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Conditions of Entry


stay-calmWe would like to welcome you to our family friendly venue for your enjoyment.

At Skaterz we strive to provide the ultimate in fun and fitness. Your safety is our priority and to help reduce injury please adhere to our CONDITIONS OF ENTRY and SAFETY WARNINGS  below so everyone can enjoy their time at Skaterz.

Skaterz recommends the use of wrist guards and helmets which are available for hire.

Conditions of Entry:

  • Socks MUST be worn at all times
  • Skaterz has a NO self-catering policy
  • Chewing gum and lolly pops are NOT permitted in the building
  • Please listen and adhere to all directions given by staff
  • NO carrying children whilst on skates
  • General skating pace and direction on the rink at all times unless advised
  • Bad behavior or bad language will NOT be tolerated
  • Bullying or inappropriate physical contact will NOT be tolerated
  • NO pushing, tripping or rough play
  • NO sitting on barriers, tables or counters
  • NO sitting, standing still or lying on the skating rink
  • Please stay OFF the black rink entry mats at all times
  • NO refunds or re-entry passes will be given
  • Management reserves the right to ask patrons to leave the facility at any time

Lost Property:

  • Lost property will be held at Skaterz for 2 weeks and then donated to charity
  • All valuable items (such as phones) will be taken to the Eltham police station within 24 hours
  • No responsibility will be taken by Skaterz for any items left behind
  • No exceptions

Safety Warning:

Roller skating is a fast moving and unpredictable activity. It is the nature of this activity that people fall down and occasionally run into each other. Skaterz takes all reasonable steps to provide you with a safe and enjoyable facility; however Skaterz will NOT be liable for any injuries or loss/damage of personal property.